Updated September 30, 2017


USS Lewis and Clark 2017 Shipmate Reunion

Thursday October 5 - Sunday October 8, 2017

North Charleston Marriott; 4770 Goer Drive, North Charleston, SC 29406



Room rate = $139.00 per night including breakfast, 1-4 people per room, plus state and local taxes. (King or Double, Non-smoking). Suites available for $189.00 per night

Includes complimentary shuttle service to Charleston Airport, Tanger Outlet Mall and Downtown Charleston.

Rooms are available at the same rate, "space available" for the days before and after the reunion.

Reunion Schedule:

Thursday October 5
1200 - Late
Hospitality Suite Open
1830 - 2130

Optional Charleston Harbor Dinner Cruise ($55.00 pp) (Cash Bar and live entertainment!)

Friday, October 6

Hospitality Suite Open

1000 - Noon
Optional Historic Charleston Walking Tour ($20.00 per person, gratuity not included)
1400 - 1500

Optional CSS Hunley Tour ($20.00 per person)

Southern BBQ Dinner in the hotel
Hospitality Suite Open
Saturday, Oct 7
0800 - 1800
Hospitality Suite Open
"All Hands Muster on the Pier" (Patriots Point Cold War Submarine Memorial)
Morning/Early Afternoon
On your own Sight Seeing
Lewis and Clark Crewmembers Association Official Meeting (Hospitality Suite)
Hospitality Suite closed for Duration of Banquet

Group Portrait

Cocktails (cash bar)
After Banquet - wee hours
Hospitality Suite Open
Sunday, Oct 8

Breakfast on your own 'Fair winds and following seas..'

Charleston Dinner Cruise (Optional): $55.00 per person including desert, tax and gratuity.

There’s no better way to experience Charleston and her history than from the deck of a SpiritLine yacht. The Spirit of Carolina offers a unique dining experience with breathtaking views of the Charleston harbor.

The Spirit of Carolina features two enclosed climate controlled dining salons, open observation decks and a full-service onboard galley. She is finely appointed with handmade bars, brass fixtures, oriental carpets, ten-foot ceilings, spacious, handicap-accessible restrooms and expansive bay windows.

Enjoy an unforgettable three hour harbor tour as you savor a three or four course gourmet meal choosing one of five entrees. All entrees are served with rice or potatoes, fresh seasonal vegetables, rolls and butter, coffee and tea. We also offer music, entertainment and dancing on each of our two dining decks.

CSS Hunley Tour (Optional): $20.00 per person (reservations required)

Historic Charleston Walking Tour (optional): $20.00 per person (reservations required)

Step back in time as you stroll the old walled city, meander down the cobblestone streets, and enjoy the beauty of restored Charleston. Commentary includes Charleston’s important role in the Revolutionary War and Civil War, both of which were fought in and around the city. Amid the eighteenth and nineteenth century buildings, your guide will point out historic sites, architectural treasures, hidden gardens, and the Four Corners of Law.


Who's Coming: Paul and Alisoun Bienhoff, CO '88-'91 Gold; Dan Hepler, '74 - '78 Blue, Rusty Pickett, '78 - 81, Blue, Ron and Linda Baker, '66 - '71 Gold; Don and Rebecca Blasdel, '68 - '70 Gold; Larry and Cheryl Johnson and family Michael and Michele Baty; Roy and Beverly Saylor '82 - '86; Dennis and Gaby Charlton, '67 - '69 Gold; Bags and Patty Burwell; '66 - '68 Gold; Ken and Pauline Burtner '68 - '72 Gold; Dennis and Sandra Moye '71 - '75 Blue; James and Suzanne Taylor, '64 - '68 Blue; JD and Channay Moss, '68 - '74 Blue/Gold; John and Sandy McCormick, '65 - '69 Blue; Dan and Deborah Giel, '64 - '67 Gold; Walter Clark and Madeline Bachta, '69 - '74 Gold; John Patterson, '71 - 75 Gold; Jim and Gretchen Sites, '65 - '70 Blue; Jim and Bonnie Bartleman, '66 - '68 Blue; Larry and Marilyn Matiz, '67 - 70 Gold; Art Shepherd, '70 - '74 Blue; Frank Watkins, '74 - '79 Blue; Jerry and Elaine Engel, '65 - '70 Plankowner; Jethro Preston, '76 - '80 Blue; Rick Buckner, '67 - '71 Gold; Michael Simpson '74 - '79 Blue; James Golec '83-'87 Blue; John Wegman '68-'70 Gold; Cheapo and Susan Hayes '74-'77 Blue; Tim and Mary Hodgens '72-'74 Gold; Tom O'Donnell '70-73 Blue; Tom Theele '70 - '74 Blue/Gold; Frank Reno and Maria Yegella '74 - '78 Blue; Ed and Janette Rothe '65 - 69 Gold; Tony Del Santo Plankowner; Jack and Mary Armstrong, '73 - '77 Blue; Larry and Darlene Crews; Perk and Patsy Perkins, '66 - '70 Gold; Dennis and Ruth Dudley, '69 - '71 Blue; Michael and Patricia Snyder, '65 - '68 Plankowner; Chris Herms and Jamie White, '69 - '74 Gold; George and Elaine Skiles, '67 - '71 Gold; Nick and Linda Nichols, '78 - '81 Blue, '84 - '85 Gold; Michael and Marsha Bryant, '66 - '73, '80 - ,84 Gold/Blue; Charles and Rebecca Miller, '65 - '68 Plankowner; Paul and Amy LaCoe, '64 - '71 Blue/Gold; Dan and Becky Funkhouser, '74 -'78 Blue; Roger and Linda Busch, '67 - '72 Gold; Mark and Gaynell Bartleson, '64 - '73 Gold; Doc and Carole Hopkins, '67 - '70 Blue; Ed and Jackie Manella, '66 - '69 Blue; Michael Sheehan, '70 - '73 Gold; Tom and Betty Gallagher, '70 - '74 Gold; Steven and Linda Rineman, '71 - '75 Gold; Ira Stuart, '65 - '68 Plankowner; Jim Stark '68 - '70 Gold, Charles Barth, '71 - '74 Gold; MIchael Adorante, '71 - '74 Blue; Richard Scally '71 - '74 Blue; Warren and Carol Ellils, '68 - '73 Blue; Lou Dufresne, '67 - '69 Gold;


Who's doing the Dinner Cruise: Rusty Pickett, Ron and Linda Baker, Dan Hepler; Larry and Cheryl Johnson; Michael and Michele Baty; Roy and Beverly Saylor; Dennis and Gaby Charlton; Ken and Pauline Burtner; Dennis and Sandra Moye; James and Suzanne Taylor; JD and Channay Moss; Dan and Deborah Giel; Walter Clark and Madeline Bachta; Jim and Bonnie Bartleman; Art Shepherd; Jerry and Elaine Engel; Frank Watkins; Larry and Marilyn Matiz; James Golec; John and Mary Wegman; Cheapo and Susan Hayes; Tim and Mary Hodgens; Tom Theele; Ed and Janeete Rothe; Jack and Mary Armstrong, Larry and Darlene Crews; Wallace and Nancy Lawrence; Dennis and Ruth Dudley; Chris Herms and Jamie White; George and Elaine Skiles, Nick and Linda NIchols; Charles and Rebecca Miller; Dan and Becky Funkhouser; Roger and Linda Busch; Mark and Gaynell Bartleson; Michael Sheehan; Steven and Linda Rineman;


Who's touring Historic Charleston: Don and Rebecca Blasdel; Roy and Beverly Saylor; Dennis and Gaby Charlton; Dennis and Sandra Moye; JD and Channay Moss; John and Sandy McCormick; Walter Clark and Madeline Bachta; John Patterson; Larry and Marilyn Matiz; Art Shepherd; Paul and Alisoun Bienhoff; Tim and Mary Hodgens; Tom Theele; Jack and Mary Armstrong; Michael and Patricia Snyder; George and Elaine Skiles; Nick and Linda Nichols; Michael Sheehan; Tom Gallagher; Steven and Linda Rineman;


Who can't make it this time but will be with us in spirit!: David and Laurie Lee Gschwend, '66 - 67 Blue; Wallace and Nancy Lawrence, '65 - 66 Gold;


Reunion Fee: $100.00 per person - includes Dinner Friday night, Saturday Banquet, the Hospitality Suite, and reunion memento. (This price reflects a significant contribution from the Association account towards expenses)


Clickfor a printable registration form to register for the reunion.


Info and questions?

Contact Rusty Pickett, 1-888-497-2227 or scruises@wowway.com