Do you want to travel for free??

If you like to travel and are interested in promoting a particular trip to your friends, associates or neighbors, then you may be able to travel with them for free!  Just book a minimum number of people on a cruise or tour, and you will be eligible to go with them for free.  Attract more participants and others on the trip can travel free!  Minimums can be as few as ten people that complete the trip based on double occupancy, though most groups require 16 people.  Additionally, group rates can be more economical than standard rates, and you often get additional value added amenities such as free cocktail parties, on board credit or other values.  You should typically plan your trip at least 6-9 months in advance in order to allow your friends and associates time to plan ahead!  You don't have to all have the same accommodations!  A group cruise can consist of a combination of inside, oceanview, balcony and suite cabins as long as you are all on the same trip! If you are planning a multi-generational family adventure, you need to plan a year in advance!

Are you part of a large traveling family, affinity group, alumni club, social group, special interest group, yacht club, civic club, homeowners association, church group, neighborhood association, or company or literally any other organization??? These are the perfect groups to travel together!  Get together with them and start planning!  Some group travel is even perfect as a fundraiser if your group/association is a registered 'not for profit' organization!

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Group Booking Services

When you book your Group on a cruise or tour, we will provide:

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