USS Lewis and Clark 2019 Reunion Registration


Guest/Spouse: __________________________________________________

Address: ______________________________________________________


Phone: __________________________

Email: ________________________________________________________

Room: Thursday:______; Friday:______; Saturday:______

King: ____ or 2 Beds: _____

Extra Nights: Tuesday:____; Wednesday:_____; Sunday_____; Monday:____

Credit Card for Room Gty: CC Number: _________________________________________

Exp Date:_____ Sec Code: _____ Name on Card: ________________________________

Years On Board: (i.e. '75 - '78):_______________________ Crew:________________ 

Reunion Fee TBD per person

Fee covers hospitality suite, Friday dinner, Saturday Dinner, and reunion memento!

Optional Thursday Dinner Cruise: $TBD per person.

Optional CSS Hunley Tour: $TBD per person

Optional Historic Charleston Tour: Tour and cost to be determined

Final Payment Due:

Basic Reunion Fee ____@$TBD per person = $________________

Optional Dinner Cruise ___ @TBD per person = $__________________

Optional Historic Charleston tour______@ $TBD per person = $___________

Optional CSS Hunley Tour ______@$TBD per person = $_________________


Total Due ___________________ CHECK ONLY (Payable to "Shellback Cruises")

Mail to Shellback Cruises, 2131 Westrivers Road, Charleston, SC 29412